“NOAA Technical Report NOS NGS 62 –

A Blueprint for 2022

In 2022, the entire National Spatial Reference System (NSRS) will be modernized. This document addresses the geometric aspects of the NSRS. Geometrically, the NSRS currently contains three reference frames (historically “horizontal datums”), known as NAD 83(2011), NAD 83(PA11) and NAD 83(MA11) which are used to define the geodetic latitudes, geodetic longitudes and ellipsoid heights of all points in the USA.

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March – Surveyor’s Week


August Newsletter

The Mission of the United Surveyors of Arizona:

The United Surveyors of Arizona (USOFAZ) is dedicated to enhancing the vocation, art, and science of surveying for the benefit of the profession and the public.  USOFAZ shall promote trust and public awareness of professional surveyors while holding paramount education, outreach and high standards of professional ethics.  The organization will be committed to the profession of surveying; the true merit of a profession is determined by the value of its services to society.


The Objectives and Purpose of the United Surveyors of Arizona:

To advance the sciences and art of the Land Surveying Profession and related fields;

To protect the public welfare by encouraging members of the surveying profession to adopt and adhere to the highest standards of ethical and professional behavior;

To uphold the Arizona Land Surveyors Minimum Standards (as amended), State Statutes, Administrative Code and Substantive Policies;

To provide for active liaison with other professional societies with similar or related interests;

To promote public faith and confidence in services rendered by members of this organization;

To monitor state laws and regulations affecting the profession of surveying; providing information and assistance to Legislators to encourage enactment or modification of such laws and regulations where they affect the Land Surveying Profession and the public welfare;

To encourage its members to provide a professional service to the public based on unique qualifications and to maintain those qualifications through continuing education, professional association, and the use of current technology;

To honor the leaders in the surveying profession and related fields;

To  support  a  program  of  public  information  and  publications  that  will  represent  the professional and technical interests of surveying.


United Surveyors of Arizona By Laws