Our Mission

The United Surveyors of Arizona (USOFAZ) is dedicated to enhancing the vocation, art, and science of surveying for the benefit of the profession and the public. USOFAZ shall promote trust and public awareness of professional surveyors while holding paramount education, outreach and high standards of professional ethics. The organization will be committed to the profession of surveying; the true merit of a profession is determined by the value of its services to society.

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Member Benefits

We all have a number of responsibilities that we juggle on a daily basis and let’s face it…joining a professional organization may not be one of your top priorities. The reality is such thinking can cause you to miss out on the numerous benefits that membership in the United Surveyors of Arizona (USofAZ) has to offer.

Although each organization has its own unique advantages, most professional associations offer a number of benefits. Being a member of USofAZ is a great way to build technical knowledge, enhance leadership skills and build relationships within the survey, mapping and academic communities. Not only will you have access to exclusive “members only” benefits, but most importantly USofAZ members will have a unique opportunity to bring fresh ideas to the association while ultimately making a lasting difference in the future of this great profession.

You don’t need years of experience to participate as everyone passionate about the land surveying profession is welcome. Your contributions will be appreciated and you will be heard.

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The Governor will determine which profession(s) will not have representation on the Board

Without subject matter experts on the board, discipline won’t happen and if it does, it won’t have the necessary deterrent effect needed to protect the public. SB1274P   THIS would be a good time to take a few minutes to contact your representatives expressing your opposition to this bill. Find your Legislator

Helicopter Site Access Resources

  • Southwest Helicopters out of Tucson
  • H5 helicopters located in Scottsdale ask for Nelson…they are outstanding 10 years 0 safety incidents Airbus saber cat platform 480.385.9775
  • Edwin at Gold Coast Services LLC out of the Glendale Airport 480.560.0262
  • Grand Canyon Helicopters does a great job around Northern AZ
  • Jim Todd at Todd Photographic – 602.254.5080

NEW THIS YEAR – Student Scholarship for 2020 Surveying and Geomatics Conference

Have you considered a career in surveying and geomatics? Don’t miss this opportunity to attend the UESI Surveying and Geomatics 2020 Conference, May 31 to June 2, 2020, in Lawrenceburg, Indiana, apply for the UESI Surveying and Geomatics Student Scholarship. UESI established the scholarship to encourage students to explore surveying and geomatics by experiencing all that the Surveying and Geomatics Conference has to offer.  Read More

“NOAA Technical Report NOS NGS 62 – A Blueprint for 2022”

In 2022, the entire National Spatial Reference System (NSRS) will be modernized. This document addresses the geometric aspects of the NSRS. Geometrically, the NSRS currently contains three reference frames (historically “horizontal datums”), known as NAD 83(2011), NAD 83(PA11) and NAD 83(MA11) which are used to define the geodetic latitudes, geodetic longitudes and ellipsoid heights of all points in the USA.

Blueprint part 1 – PDF

Blueprint part 2 – PDF

Creed and Canons

As a Professional Surveyor, I dedicate my professional knowledge and skills to the advancement and betterment of human welfare.

To give the utmost of performance;
To participate in none but honest enterprise;
To live and work according to the laws of humankind and the highest standards of professional conduct;
To place service before profit, honor and standing of the profession before personal advantage, and the public welfare above all other considerations;
In humility, I make this pledge.

CANON 1: A Professional Surveyor should refrain from conduct that is detrimental to the public.

CANON 2: A Professional Surveyor should abide by the rules and regulations pertaining to the practice of surveying within the licensing jurisdiction.

CANON 3: A Professional Surveyor should accept assignments only in one’s area of professional competence and expertise.

CANON 4: A Professional Surveyor should develop and communicate a professional analysis and opinion without bias or personal interest.

CANON 5: A Professional Surveyor should maintain the confidential nature of the surveyor-client relationship.

CANON 6: A Professional Surveyor should use care to avoid advertising or solicitation that is misleading or otherwise contrary to the public interest.

CANON 7: A Professional Surveyor should maintain professional integrity when dealing with members of other professions.

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